Friday Fish from Hyderabad: Apollo Fish

Friday Fish from Hyderabad: Apollo Fish

Apollo fish fry is a very popular restaurant dish in Hyderabad. Spiced batter coated fish deep fried and tossed in an awesome spicy masala mix.
Murrel fish 250 g
Corn starch 1 tb
All purpose flour 1 tb
Egg 1 n
Ginger garlic paste 1 ts
Chilly powder 1 ts
Turmeric pinch
Egg 1 n
Oil for deep fry
Chopped ginger garlic 1 ts
Green chilly chopped 3 n
Curry leaves 2 sp
Chilly paste 1 tb
Coriander powder 1 ts
Soya sauce 1 ts
Curd ¼ cup
Peppers crush ½ ts
Lime juice 1 tb
Take bowl add Murrel fish pieces, add salt, ginger garlic paste, chilly powder, turmeric, mix it well, add egg, corn starch, all purpose flour, mix this well and deep fry them, keep it aside.
Heat oil in a pan add chopped ginger & garlic, green chilly, curry leaves, chilli paste, coriander powder, salt, soya sauce (optional), curd, crush pepper powder, chopped coriander leaves, cook this some time and add fried fish toss it and add lime juice.

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