0992990009Do you know a job seeker? Would you like to help them?

This is a request for your help!

First, here is an extract from the introduction to my new job search pocket book. It is more of a work book really!

“So what is it that marks out the successful job seeker?

Successful job hunting today takes commitment, confidence, flexibility, resilience and technique. And you'll find tips on all those things in what follows.

You'll need to commit time and energy to your job search. Many successful job seekers spend 36 to 40 hours a week looking for work. Sounds just like work doesn't it? But keeping a regular routine and having structure pays great dividends.

If you are not already a very confident person, or the experience that brings you here has knocked your confidence, the work we will do to help you understand and appreciate your past successes can help you to feel confident again.

Being willing to adapt and to accept change opens up all kinds of possibilities. This is certainly easier with more confidence. You'll explore flexibly meeting the needs of a potential employer in the pages that follow.

Resilience, like confidence, is something you may have to work hard at. Finding work may take longer than you expect and you will probably have to bounce back from some knocks on the way. You will be in good company, though. Lots of good people have suffered the same kind of knocks only to bounce back and be very successful at their next attempt, or the one after that.

If you have been out of the job market for a while, there will be new techniques to learn and some you need to refresh. From writing a modern CV to wowing them at the interview, all the tips are here.”

The little book I've produced is based mainly on the experience of my successful coaching clients.

I believe working through it really can make a difference for any job seeker. It is concise, practical and very inexpensive. That means that neither I, nor my publisher, have a huge budget to spend on publicity. So, I'm relying on you, dear readers, to pass the message onto anyone you know who is looking for work and could benefit from some useful tips.

You can find "The WiseWolf Job Search Pocket Book: How to Win Jobs and Influence Recruiters" on my Amazon page at this link; http://ow.ly/BRSAL . You can find out more about it on the publisher’s website http://bluebirdhousebooks.com .
Thank you for your support.

I wish all those starting out on or a continuing a job search this week every success.

If you are thinking about coaching, and we coaches really can add value to your job search, I would love to talk to you.

Warm regards

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