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Monday, 31 January 2011

What is happiness

According to the dictionary, happiness is the feeling of being happy, feeling, showing or causing pleasure or satisfaction! But for most of us happiness goes much deeper than that!    It is that sense of well being that comes from both being well and leading a life that fulfils us.  It means we are flourishing, rather than simply feeling an emotion.  

Research has shown a number of things work  together to make us happy. These are relationships and how we relate to others. work, health, freedom and optimism! Together, these give us a sense of purpose and self esteem! 

Relationships seem to be the most important factor!  This includes relationships with partners, spouses, family, friends, work colleagues and even the next door neighbour.  Happiness spreads from one person to another - so there is real value in that smile! Happiness seems to spread more quickly than unhappiness. It might even spread like a virus!  

Here are some quotes to give you different perspective on happiness - you can find more at our quotes page!

Happiness is the dawn before the chorus - the quiet expectation that wonderful things will happen. Joy and sadness are equal partners and both have a place of recognition within the heart. Neither is more powerful than the other. They must co-exist like day and night. 

You don't have to be ecstatically happy, but are you satisfied with your life, do you feel that you're growing and changing, do you get on well with other people, are you comfortable with yourself, do you have a purpose in life?
DSr. Timothy Sharp - director of the Sydney based Happiness Institute

Happiness is a true state of mind, that you can have anytime, anywhere. Happiness comes from love, wholeness and peace. It is an inner state of being that comes naturally as you become connected with who you really are, your gifts and your purpose.
Arielle Essex. from her book Compassionate Coaching