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The Resilient Mindset – don’t let a fixed mindset defeat you

The Resilient Mindset – don’t let a fixed mindset defeat you How to thrive in times of change This is a challenging time for all of us. For many times are hard and the world has become a frightening place. So can you survive mentally intact and thrive? How do you develop a resilient mindset? Well accepting that we all have core values that we want to carry through life, most other parts of our thinking can changed. And a mind that is prepared to change and take on the requirements of new circumstances has most chance of staying intact. It is time to learn to challenge your own thinking. A fixed mindset will chatter away in your head, if you let it.  It will tell you all the reasons why you shouldn't change. It is also likely to fill your head with negativity. It will tell you why you are not up tot he task of change. An, slowly it will erode your confidence. The nasty fixed mindset will tell you that even if you wanted to change, you couldn’t do it! It might whispe

How to get promoted

How To Get Promoted – are you doing well in your present role but feel ready  for the next step up? Even in this tough economic climate some people are still managing to get promotion. But how do you make yourself part of that élite group?  Today over on our sister site we have a two post series on how to get that precious promtion.  Here is a link to Part 1 –  link Wendy Smith  is a career consultant, life coach and business coach with depth of experience in  organisational development, management, coaching and personal development. That experience means she is equally at home helping clients find a new career direction, starting-up new businesses or dealing with life’s more challenging personal issues. You can contact her at Wendy has written a little eBook on how to get on with your boss and a book on job search - you can find all her books on Amazon at this  link