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How to Get on With The Boss

A helpful little eBook from Wendy Smith I have a new eBook available on Amazon. It is brief but wise. You really will learn how to make a great first and lasting impression at work.  Here is how to help your boss help you. Don't be made unhappy, suffer stress and lose confidence because you cannot get on with the person in charge. Poor relationships at work can damage life at home as well as your career. There may be long-term effects on health and on your motivation. This little eBook by an experienced manager and coach can really help. What it covers; • What it means to get on with the boss • Why it matters • How to know whether you get on with your boss • Getting it right • What your boss really wants • How requirements can change over time • Making a good first impression • Keeping respect once you are established in the role • What to do when things go wrong • Bosses with problems • Demon bosses • Putting things right • Moving on when it is time to go •