Recover Your Balance - on being inspired

This is an extract from a brilliant post by coach Ann Lewis - you can read the rest at the link below and I would recommend it! Ann is author of Recover Your Balance: How To Bounce Back From Bad Times at Work' (Paperback - Mar ...
"I recently signed up to Nick Williams’ brilliant Inspired Entrepreneur site and have been catching up with a treasure trove of inspirational podcasts from the past couple of years. They’re recordings of talks given in London by Nick and by invited guests. One ritual that always happens is a request that all participants talk to someone they’ve not met about something that has inspired them that day.
That set me thinking. It’s not always easy to find inspiration when you’re off balance. Often you go into survival mode, managing to keep going through a day at a time with not much sense of anything outside the immediate pain. Yet regular inspiration – someone’s achievement, glorious light on a landscape, the fledging of birds in Spring, a life of giving – is what keeps us mindful that life is possible beyond your current difficulties....."


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