Find inspiration in the world about you however dark the day! Do you have a sense of wonder?

Inspiration - Daffodils

Every day, even when I am working at home, I make sure I get out of the house and go for a walk. 

Today, I didn’t want to go – it is a dark, cold, grey kind of day and I wanted to stay inside in the warmth and comfort of my home. But I pushed myself and got out there. 

Wasn’t I pleased that I had!  Even in suburban South London, there the signs of early spring and these are as bright as sunshine! 

Inspiration - Primroses
I found a small clump of primroses shyly smiling at the world.  

 In sheltered spots there were the first dafodils! 

And there it was, my Mother’s favourite, forsythia; blooming away and determined to flash its colours to the dismal sky. 

They made me feel inspired and so when I came back in, I decided to write this post!

You see we all can find inspiration around us!  And it is not just in nature!

Inpiration - Forsythia
Are there books that you have always loved?  How often do you go back to them? Do you remember the books that thrilled or mesmerised you as a child.  Have you even thought of going back to them and reading them again with a childlike innocence and an open mind? 

Inspiration - Shakespeare's Sonnets
What about poetry?  Have you read Shakspeare’s sonnets?  Sound boring don’t they! But if you like words, try them!  You might just enjoy them – all life is here. Here's a link to the sonnets!

Inspiration - Monet's Garden
Do you like pictures?  Did you know that you can find whole galleries of pictures on line.  Here is a link to all the pictures in the National Gallery.  They have pages where you can learn about art

Is there music from your past that you love?  Why not find it and listen to it again.  I love doing this – I have a whole collection of sixties pop music that I play to myself very loudly when I'm alone  - a guilty pleasure!

It doesn’t really matter what it is?  It can be the smile of a child or the call of a bird – see and hear with innocence and an open mind and you can be inspired!

Life can be hard!  

Just now many of us are having to deal with a whole rlot of misserable things!!  This can range from the effects of climate change to our warped and damaged world economy!  Or on a personal level - the effects of illness, age or loss. The disappointments and difficulties of ordinary life come to all of us.  It is all too easy to feel overwhelmed!

How can you deal with all of it and still stay positive!  

Well there are still so many things in the world for us to wonder at, if you look out for them! 

Try to spend a few quiet moments each day seeking them out!

Look for your inspiration and you will find it. And if you want to share it here, so much the better! 


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