Mother Earth and Father Sky - spirituality in action

For me, like most of us, happiness (and health) comes from keeping a balance between body, mind and spirit! I tend to be obsessive!  

Again, like all of us, there are times when I have focussed on one part of the triangle at the expense of the others. Unfortunately I go to extremes.

In my time I have;     
  • Been so focussed on work that I ignored the early signs of quite a serious illness.
  •  Trained in the gym five days a week and weakened my immune system by combining that with an almost completely fat-free diet!
  •  Taken up quite bizarre religions in my search for spiritual fulfilment and ended up disillusioned and depressed!

A sad tale and I’m still working on maintaining the balance! 

Still I do not eat a balanced diet and get the right amount of exercise – I’m trying hard!

I really enjoy my work, but I need to be a bit more disciplined about getting away from it sometimes.

As for spirituality, well simplicity has won out!

Simple awareness and awe of a cosmos that, in human terms, is eternal.  Pus a love for the creation alive on this Mother Earth to which we all belong.  And this leads me to a wish to live in harmony with all living things!

Mother Earth and Father Sky
There is a not-for-profit Native American organisation called White Bison that provides resources for Natives and non-Natives alike.  They work to promote recovery from alcohol and drug addiction and are facilitators of the Wellbriety Movement! Each day they send out a simple Native American mediation . Each one ends with a prayer.  Today's ask us to thank Mother Earth and Father Sky for our lives – simple honest and very powerful spirituality!

Given how tested American Indians have been by their history, that simple thank you is an example to us all of spirituality in action.  And it is certainly good enough for  me!


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