Be Self-Confident – Confidence and the Personal Development Mindset

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The second characteristic of a Personal Development Mindset  is self-confidence.

What is self confidence?

You are self-confident when you believe in you and your own abilities. It doesn’t mean that you always get things right. But when you don’t, you still think you are OK, you are not lacking or incomplete. It is the self-confidence that allows you to have a go at new things – you are OK and so you can try something new!  Self-confidence means you can integrate mind and body and focus on what you want to achieve.  You believe "I have the ability to do this"!

Self-confidence leads to success

Self-confidence is at the root of many other abilities and traits. If you do not have self-confidence, what you do will never be truly fulfilling. You won’t believe that any success you achieve was really down to you. And you may not have the confidence to try new things and new experiences. 

Self-confidence is the first step to progress, development, achievement and success! With self-confidence, you can venture out into the world and have adventures. Success builds on success and so strengthens your confidence further. Others tend to like, respect, believe and trust people who are self-confident and so more opportunities come your way.

What can you do to improve your self-confidence?

To improve your self-confidence, you can learn to;
  • Appreciate your own abilities and achievements.
  • Start to use a daily affirmation – “I am a strong, confident and decisive person”.
  • Spend five minutes every morning imaging your coming day with you strong and confident – make your picture very colorful.
  • Each evening spend a few minutes writing down the day’s achievements and the good things you have done – yes, everything, even smiling at that old lady in the supermarket.
  • Act and speak as if you are confident (practicing self confidence leads to self confidence).
  • Practice confident body language – standing straight and proud, and giving good eye contact
  • Practice speaking firmly and decisively
  • Help others just for the sake of helping. You will gradually gain more and more confidence as you focus on other people!.
  • Be active and enthusiastic. Lose yourself in your enthusiasm – don’t be afraid to be passionate and to show it.

Coaching for self-confidence

Don’t be afraid to work with a coach or counsellor.  Confidence plays such a big part in success in life, that it is really worth making an investment in you with coaching.  There are lots of good coaches around and you can find out more about the confidence program I provide at this link.

I wish you well and I wish you self-confidence.  I would love to hear about your results!

Wendy Mason is a Life and Career Coach with an interest in management, leadership and in change - both personal (career and life out side of work) and within organizations. You can email her at or ring ++44(0)2084610114 


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