Find Your Spiritual Buzz With Beliefnet

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Find Your Spiritual Buzz With Beliefnet

Beliefnet is a large and very up-beat multi-faith e-community that provides a forum for religious information and inspiration. 

The site includes prayers, meditations, other spiritual tools,and discussion groups. Beliefnet provides information about the whole range of religious and spiritual beliefs from Christianity to Zoroastrianism. It interviews religious figures as well as offering articles and blogs on various creeds.

Beliefnet has received a Webby as the best religion and spirituality site. And, as well as information, it offers entertainment, eCards, quizzes and "Soulmatch". 

Discussions are oriented toward specific groups of people, such as couples and teens with topics ranging from abortion to sexism, and dozens of religious faiths. Specific discussion boards exist to ask questions about religions and engage in interfaith dialogue as well as debate and criticism. The boards are hosted by volunteers and supervised by Beliefnet producers.

It is a US site and Christianity predominates. But there is a weath of material here if you are interested in investigating new spiritual paths

Here is the link;
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