Understand the Gremlin - Silence Your Inner Critic

Sue Plumtree is an executive life coach, workshop facilitator, speaker and an established author. Her second book, ‘Dancing With The Mask: Learning to Love and be Loved’ is available directly through her website www.sueplumtree.com.  This is an extract from her interesting post on Women Unlimited.

What is The Gremlin?

The Gremlin is your inner dialogue, your inner critic, your critical chatterbox that goes on and on and on – 24/7.  There are many names for it but the characteristics are the same whatever you call it. The gremlin is with you from the moment you wake to the moment you fall asleep.

Your Gremlin wants to keep you safe

Recognising and understanding your Gremlin is the most important thing you can do because your happiness depends on it.  The point of the Gremlin is partly to preserve the status quo as a way of keeping you safe.  It isn’t an evil voice but an ignorant one, determined to keep you small.  You will recognise your Gremlin when you feel overcome with self-doubt, convinced that you’re not good enough and overwhelmed by an inexorable stream of self-criticism generally called beating yourself up.  Your Gremlin also encourages you to compare yourself with others (always those you believe to be more successful, have more friends, a better job, earn more money, definitely more talented, beautiful, taller, slimmer, luckier and so on) which inevitably makes you feel deficient and unworthy of the good things in life, including love and success.
The Gremlin also encourages you to be a people pleaser as a way to keep you safe, acceptable and accepted, by telling you that this is the only way you will ‘fit in’.  Usually, it will also overwhelm you with fear whenever you want to take a risk.....
You can read the rest of the post at this link http://www.women-unlimited.co.uk/do-you-know-the-gremlin/

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