Organisational skills for Uni or College

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Organisational skills for Uni or College

If you have a family member going off to college this fall, they might find these basic but key tips on how to organise yourself for study very useful.

Organise your space

Make sure the space is big enough to work. You will need:
  • a writing surface where you can spread out your papers, books and files
  • space for a computer
  • bookshelves for books
  • light so you can read without straining your eyes
  • make sure that your computer is at a right angle to the window so light does not reflect on the screen
You will probably need a computer for your studies. This means that you also need to consider Health and Safety factors such as ensuring that you have appropriate furniture and lighting.
Organise your paper files
  • work on A4 hole punched paper rather than shorthand notepads and small books - you will find this makes it easier to file your notes
  • use a different coloured A4 ring file for each subject or module
  • label every piece of paper - file it
  • keep the content file at the front of the file up to date - this will save you a great amount of time searching for materials
  • use a light file or plastic envelope to carry round the papers and notes needed in the day and file this every night so that it does not pile up
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