Healthy Living: Growing Old, (and Fat), Together

Healthy Living: Growing Old, (and Fat), Together

Today we have another post from contributor - Natasha Gelder.  Natasha is a full time Literature student based in Leeds who is juggling the quests for higher education, money and rock hard abs. She believes exercising is a vital part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle and should not be seen as a chore.

We all know what it is like when you're in a happy, loving relationship; you swap those hours in the gym for cosy nights in on the couch, those salads turn into meals out at fancy restaurants and evenings in cooking impressive dishes for your other half. It's all very romanticised and can seem like something out of a fairy tale; the Princess finds her Prince and lives happily ever after, feeding him chocolate and drinking wine. The part that we don't see on screen, however, is the Princess's rapidly expanding waistline; we don’t see those additional pounds that accompany such a blissful love life. 

I don't know one single person who hasn't gained at least one pound from being comfortable within a relationship. Despite being so happy, there will come a point when you find you are struggling to fasten your favourite jeans, out of curiosity you will weigh yourself and you'll be horrified to discover that you have gained ten pounds. You'll be shocked as to how you didn't even realise that you had gained so much weight. Your other half will tell you that you look beautiful as you are but your mind is already made up. Things are going to change. That muffin top has to go. 

Now you find yourself faced with a dilemma, do you continue spending a significant amount of time with your other half, indulging in your favourite foods, or do you spend some of that time trying to burn off the extra weight that has crept up on you? Why not combine the two? The chances are that your partner has probably also gained a little bit of weight, so why not encourage your other half to get fit with you? Just remember to be tactful whilst proposing this idea.

Joining a gym together is one solution, but if the prospect of two gym memberships seems a little expensive you could simply schedule to go on three or four jogs together per week, or walks, depending on your fitness levels. Go to a weekly class together at your local sports centre, the majority of these are relatively cheap and you'll be spending quality time together rather than just sitting next to each other on the couch. Plus you will be actively encouraging each other to succeed, something that can only benefit your relationship. Take advantage of the good weather and buy a football, a badminton set or anything to get you moving; be adventurous and go rock climbing or to a swimming pool with slides. 

At the weekend my better half and myself spent three hours at a treetop assault course complete with Tarzan swings and zip wires, not only was this exhilarating but it kept us active on a day that is usually our exercise rest day. We’re both pretty busy so it was nice to do something fun, yet action packed, together as a couple. I’d recommend something similar, although you don't have to go to the extent of swinging around thirty feet in the air. Any activity a few times a week will ensure those extra pounds fall off and you'll spend quality time together as a couple away from the kitchen, strengthening your relationship in the process.

Natasha Gelder, full time Literature student based in Leeds who is juggling the quests for higher education, money and rock hard abs


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