Those Days When You Wish You Had Stayed In bed

Those Days When You Wish You Had Stayed In bed

Sometimes I think everyone has an allotted  share of happy times and unhappy times.  In reality we all seem to get a mixture.

There are times in our lives when most, if not all, of life seems to be going well; we feel fit, we have someone to love who loves us back, we have work to that satisfies us and enough money to do the things that really matter to us. And on top of all that, when we got up this morning, the sun was shining and the birds were singing as we left the house.

Then of course there are those other times. Some important part of life is to greater or a lesser extent not going well and on top of all that we woke up to storm clouds and torrential rain.

As if that wasn't enough, there are days when we simply should have stayed in bed. From that first trip to the bathroom when we fell over the cat, things have gone wrong. Or we just feel generally out of sorts.

Accepting that painful periods in life and off-days happen to everyone is part of coming to terms with the reality of life. It is often in those dark periods that we find out most about our selves and maybe what we are really capable of achieving.

What makes it bearable is knowing that those painful times do pass - change is an unavoidable part of reality too. And it really helps if a compassionate friend or partner who can give us support is around, knowing that we will give them support when it is their turn.

Then, of course, there are other small thing that can soothe us in the bad times. A small stock of chocolates (or in my case ginger-nut biscuits), some nice music and a good book or film can work wonders.

Please remember, don't punish those about you at home or at work for how you feel. You feel bad, so exactly how does passing it on make it better?

But if your unhappy days are not going away, or you are wrestling with a particular personal problem, remember that I am a qualified life coach as well as a career coach. I offer a trial free half hour coaching session by phone or Skype.

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