What Is like To Live With Depression? Let This Animation With A Dog Show You!

What Is like To Live With Depression? Let This Animation With A Dog Show You!

At its worst, depression can be a frightening, debilitating condition. Millions of people around the world live with depression. Many of these individuals and their families are afraid to talk about their struggles, and don't know where to turn for help. However, depression is largely preventable and treatable. Recognizing depression and seeking help is the first and most critical towards recovery. 

In October 2012 in collaboration with WHO to mark World Mental Health Day, writer and illustrator Matthew Johnstone told  the story of overcoming the "black dog of depression". 

You can find out more about depression and what might help at this link http://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/types-of-mental-health-problems/depression/#.UqWweNJdUWE


  1. One of the things I hate is when people say "Oh yea, I've been depressed lately".You can't just get it because you are having a bad day.Its something that develops and worsens.Its almost like diagnosing yourself with an illness without a doctor to help you.I want to see a therapist to actually get a better look at my self because even I don't know.I'm not sure if I'm depressed or just emotional.One of the things you need to do is talk to someone you trust.And I don't mean everyone you know,I mean like one or two people who might know how to help.
    @Jessica Glenn.


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