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Monday, 7 April 2014

Other People And Their Expectations

Other People And Their Expectations

Here is another inspirational post from contributor, Stephanie Carfrae. She is a Creative Writing Graduate; you can find her own blog at and I think you will be inspired by Steph's videos on YouTube at

You shouldn’t not do something just because it’s been marred by other people. They don’t know what you’ve been through and they don’t know where you’re going.

Other people’s opinions are rated highly. Why? We don’t know them. We don’t know their story. They’ll only be a passing stranger in your story; don’t let them have the power of deciding what you do. 

Other people are so over-preoccupied with their own issues that they don’t notice your faults as much as you think they do. As a human race, we are selfish in that way.

So don’t ever be too hard on yourself. 

Most of the time you’ll find that you, yourself are applying the pressure on yourself. Everybody messes up. And in a tense situation it may provide a light moment – as long as you can laugh at yourself. If you can it will warm people to you. It’s a difficult thing to do you just have to let go.

Being able to make a mistake and see the funny side is good for you as well as other people. They will feel immediately at ease with you and surely that’s what you want?

Expectations are a killer. 

Having expectations of anyone else's actions or responses is dangerous. You can have high expectations of yourself but please remember not to beat yourself up if you don't meet them!

We are all pioneers who learn life on the job. And no matter how old you are, you are still learning. New situations come up all the time and though you may have been through similar in the past you have never been through this. And that’s Okay. People may have been through similar themselves but they can only provide suggestions as to how you handle it. They are not living your life. 

Hopefully you will have people who support your decisions but if you don’t, I know it’s very hard but keep holding on. There will be a silver lining on a cloud somewhere.

Other people’s expectations of us drain us. You can only be you. 

Stephanie Carfrae is a regular contributor. She is a Creative Writing Graduate; you can find her own blog at and I think you will be inspired by Steph's videos on YouTube at 

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