Burnout? Under constant stress? Your Six Personal Burnout Prevention Tips

BurnoutImage by alforque via FlickrBurnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.

It occurs when you feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands. As the stress continues, you begin to lose the interest or motivation that led you to take on a certain role in the first place.

Burnout reduces your productivity and saps your energy, leaving you feeling increasingly helpless, hopeless, cynical and resentful. Eventually, you may feel like you have nothing more to give.

The negative effects of burnout spill over into every area of life – including your home and social life. Burnout can also cause long-term changes to your body that make you vulnerable to illnesses like colds and flu. Because of its many consequences, it’s important to deal with burnout right away and take advice from your coach, counselor or medical adviser. 
But, if you can, it is best to prevent burnout in the first place

Your Personal Burnout Prevention Tips 

  1. Start the day with a short quiet space for relaxation or meditation before you go to work.
  2. Adopt healthy eating, exercising, and sleeping habits.
  3. Set boundaries – learn how to say “no” at work and at home – remember  “no” means you can say “yes” to the things that truly matter.
  4. Take a daily break from technology.   Put away your laptop, turn off your phone and stop checking email.  Go out for a walk.
  5. Nourish your creative side.  What do you really like doing?
  6. Learn how to manage stress. At this link is a simple breathing technique that may help when you feel overwhelmed by stress .

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