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Bee what you value

Bees are wonderful. Think about it; they spend their whole lives totally focused on what matters to them. They are dedicated to what they value and so serve their community.  But unlike us, they don't have to think about it - they are born knowing. Unfortunately, most of us have to think about our 'purpose'. Well, here's a place to start.  Take a little time out. Go deep within yourself and think about what you truly value. Be really honest with yourself. Stop thinking about what you think it should be. Oh dear that word 'should' is dangerous. Now, what would life be like if you started to shape your life round what you truly value? Maybe living your life in accordance with your values is your purpose. Wendy Mason  Smith  is a  Personal Coach and Writer helping people feel happier.  If you would like  help with your career or your life away from work, you can book a FREE coaching session with Wendy or find out more at this  link