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Finding your quiet place!

Finding your quiet place! Lots of us have one already – a quiet place that we like to visit or at the very least remember. It can be a great source of solace when times are hard. Or simply when things are a bit fraught. But do you know that your quiet place doesn't have to be out there? It can just as easily be inside you if you take the time to find it. And once found, of course, it becomes completely portable. You can take it with as you travel about your busy life. To find your quiet place you need first to find a somewhere to do the work. Find a room or open space that feels safe for you. Sit comfortably. Now follow these simple steps. ·         Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth slowly. ·         Fill up the whole of your lungs with air, without forcing. ·         Imagine you're filling up a bottle, so that your lungs fill from the bottom. ·         Breathe in slowly and regularly counting from one to five (don’t worry if

An easy, basic, meditation technique for beginners

An easy, basic, meditation technique for beginners  Easy Meditation  An easy, basic meditation technique for beginners with Amamda Russell from BEXLIFE