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Friday Fish Recipe - Blackened Fish - Nice and Easy

Friday Fish Recipe - Blackened Fish - Nice and Easy Blackened fish is quick and easy:  fish, spice, butter, skillet, and—boom—you're done. Blackening is a cooking technique used in the preparation of fish and other foods. Often associated with Cajun cuisine, this technique was popularized by chef Paul Prudhomme. The food is usually dipped in melted butter and then dredged in a mixture of herbs and spices, usually some combination of thyme, oregano, chili pepper, peppercorns, salt, garlic powder and onion powder. It is then cooked in a very hot cast-iron skillet. This recipe uses a little less butter and it is a bit more healthy. "I'm using mahi mahi with this dish, but any fish will do. A traditional blackened fish is dredged in melted butter before the spices are applied, which is yummy, but I think the fish does all right with just the spices—we'll save the butter for the pan. Any combo of spices will do. I especially like ginger powder on my fish—give