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Your Help is Needed

Your Help is Needed Today, I'm seeking your help.  I've been writing posts about job search on my Wisewolf Talking blog for about four years. That isn't all I write about on that particular blog but recently it has been a popular subject. So I've decided to bring all the research I've done to produce those posts into a new book about job search.  I'm setting out my thoughts under six main headings:  • Job search today and creating an overall job search strategy  • Finding the right opportunities  • Becoming a good candidate  • Going through the recruitment process, with a detailed guide to managing interviews  • Making a good start in the new role  • Maintaining your confidence and self belief throughout  What I need from you now please, are your thoughts on the advice you would welcome most in a book like this.  • If you are looking for work, what is the nugget you would welcome?  • If you are a recruiter, what is it you would like candidates to know th