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What is Personal Development?

  What is personal development? Personal development is a way that you can develop yourself; sometimes alone, sometimes with support from others. Personal development can help you identity and develop your talents and potential. You can improve your career opportunities, enhance the quality of your life and contribute to the realization of your dreams and aspirations. What is  Personal Development ?  Personal development includes; understanding yourself as an individual building your self-image and  self-esteem developing strengths or talents improving your opportunities in the job market – your career identifying or improving your potential enhancing your  quality of life  and relationships improving health and social abilities fulfilling  aspirations  and dreams developing and carrying out personal development plans What is Personal Development?  Personal development enables you to; expect to succee

Feeling Lonely

Image via Wikipedia Enforced loneliness has been a   punishment  throughout history. We are social animals and most of us need the company of others for a lot of our time.  I remember my mother, the eldest of ten children, feeling horrified at the prospect of one night alone when my father needed to visit a relative and they couldn’t spare the time to go together. Robert S. Weiss  has categorized loneliness into two ways:   emotional loneliness and   social loneliness . Emotional loneliness feels like the pain we feel when a romantic partner is missing. Social loneliness is when you feel like you are not part of a community and you feel you do not have   friends   to rely on. The other important distinction is between   transient   or chronic loneliness, also known rather cruelly as state and trait loneliness. Transient loneliness passes and is often caused by something external to us – it is  easily remedied  usually .  Chronic loneliness comes fr