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Zenchantment presents Zen Ocean - Spring Wild Flowers of California's Coast.

Zenchantment presents Zen Ocean - Spring Wild Flowers of California's Coast. The explosion of colors and unmatched beauty of wild flowers flourishing along the rugged coastline of California symbolizes the long anticipated arrival of Spring. Fields of wild flowers sprout seemingly overnight, their blinding brilliance competing with the brightness of the morning sun.  Fragile petals of poppies flutter delicately in the afternoon breeze. Undulating waves of bright yellow mustard fields bow to an offshore zephyr. A distant lighthouse stands over a rolling carpet of vibrant ground flowers.  Endless waves break and crash against the lofty cliffs in the background. Shades of purple, lavender and magenta are a testament to nature's endless bounty of vernal colors. The flourishing fields and clusters of Spring's wild flowers last for but a fleeting moment, soon to be at the mercy of relentless heat and then oncoming chill of California's coastal fog. Relax

Welcome to the Wisewolf Christmas Newsletter for 2013

Welcome to the Wisewolf Christmas Newsletter for  2013 So Christmas comes round once again and, of course, much more quickly than we expect.  2013 has been a momentous year for me, full of a rich mixture of highs and lows. I’ve had an opportunity to work with some amazing clients which is always inspiring. I go on learning – in November I was awarded an advanced diploma in life coaching with a distinction. And this year I published my first novel with a second one in October. Now I’m working on book three together with a television play – so 2014 should be exciting. But there has been sadness this year too; like many others, I’ve lost people that I love. I hope that 2013 for you has had far more ups than downs and that you finish the year with a real appreciation of all that you have achieved so far. December is a great month to take stock and one of the articles below is intended to help you do just that. You can read the rest of the Newsletter at the link below with n