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Feeling Blue - Here is help!

   We all feel down sometimes.   I’m talking about those days when something has gone wrong or those odd days when you just wake up feeling down.    I'm not talking about depression here!  If it is happening on more than the odd day, then please have a word with your doctor because depression can strike anyone of us and you will need help to overcome it!  But let us assume you are not ill, you just feel down today. First of all understand that it is OK and perfectly normal to feel down now and then.  It may just mean that you need to take a rest.  Anyway, if you just want to feel brighter, try on these simple techniques to raise your mood. Get a pen and some paper and write down 20 things you are grateful for right now.   It might be the film you watched you last night.  It could be your favourite soap – I love Coronation Street and East Enders .   It can be as simple as the blue sky above you or the smell of the earth after rain; or even what you had for breakfast. Bu