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Relaxing Sounds for Sleeping - a Lovely Waterfall Video in 3D with Bird Song

Use the relaxing sounds of this beautiful tranquil waterfall in Beautiful 3D, as a natural sleep aid. Relax as you watch these 3Dwaterfall pictures, concentrating your full attention on the water dripping over the stones and the occasional soothing sound of birds in the trees above, a robin and a thrush.  When you have the image of this healing water in your mind close your eyes, relax your breathing and listen to these wonderful sounds of nature, they are excellent sounds for helping to sleep. The calm water noises and gentle bird song should help you achieve a sound sleep. More at this link This video is filmed and produced by Johnnie Lawson. He is a visual Artist living and working in the North West of Ireland. He filmed this particular video in a beautiful little gorge near a friend's house> His friend spotted it whilst out picking sloes to make sloe gin. It is located near Manorhamilton, County Leitrim, Ireland.