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Time to Kick Start Your Exercise Program

Time to Kick Start Your Exercise Program The most important part of any exercise program is making the decision to do it.  Make your decision and you can start out motivated and excited! Now is the time to have that fantasy of a new, fitter, you! Let your fantasy inspire you.  Now we get to the tough part  - following through with your plans.  Planning and preparation are important when you're just getting starting with exercise and to be successful you need some momentum. The more momentum you kick off with, the easier it is to stay motivated!  Now is the time to take action   Here is a link to a 30-Day Quick Start Guide to Exercise.  It provides simple, progressive workouts that will help you get the most out of your first month of exercise. But remember you should always consult your physician if you have a ny injuries, illnesses or conditions or are on any medications just to make sure an exercise program is the right thing for you.