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Food and a New Philosophy

A    I ’ve always had a problem with food!   Most of my family have had connections with the land in the past.   Unfortunately my physique, and my taste in food, seems very much more suited to hard physical labour in all weathers in the great outdoors, rather than the sedentary existence I lead now. Even when I am racing around Central London going to meetings, I don’t seem t o use up the energy my appetite seems to want me to consume.  My rather gentle approach to exercise doesn’t help.  It really should be a lot more than walking to the station a few times a week. So I’ve made a decision. I am going to develop a philosophy of eating that treats it almost as  meditation .    In future I shall take much more time to relish what I eat.   I shall work towards having as varied as diet as possible.   And each thing I eat will be the object of my contemplation.   I shall think in detail about what it is and where it comes from.   I shall honour those who have grown or raised it a