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Worrying: We all do it - tips to help you stop.

Worrying: We all do it Worrying is an experience we all share. We all worry about things from time to time. However, for some people, worrying can become a problem that can interfere with their daily lives. Do you, or someone you love,  you find yourself worrying all the time. There are things you can do to reduce it. Here are a few tips. Tips to help you stop worry and feeling anxious What sets you off? What are y our triggers. What are the things that typically trigger your worrying? Once you know what your triggers are, you can start to make changes. You may be able to avoid them or you can develop coping mechanisms for dealing with them. Challenge your thoughts. When you start to worry, ask yourself if your thoughts are realistic. Are you really going to get fired from your job? Is your spouse really going to leave you? Chances are, your thoughts are not as realistic as they seem. Focus on the present moment. When you start to worry, take a few deep breaths and focus on the here an