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Ten Reasons Why Happiness is Important

Ten Reasons Why Happiness is Important You might wonder why happiness is important. If you believe as I do that happiness is a choice and a skill that can be learned, why is it important enough to go out of your way for. Why choose happiness? We can find some good reasons in this list of ten things happy people have in common. Happy people: 1- Feel Good Happiness is fun and it feels good. That is a worthwhile reason why happiness is important all by itself. 2- Live Longer Many studies have shown that happy people live longer. One study followed nuns who wrote a short biographical sketch before taking their vows. At the age of 85, 90% of the nuns with cheerful biographies (top 25%) was still alive, compared to just 54% of the least cheerful. At 94 years of age, 54% of the most cheerful quarter were alive compared to only 11% of the least cheerful. Many other studies have shown similar results. 3- Have Better Health When life gives you lemons, make lemo