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Affirmations To Boost Your Self Esteem

Affirmations To Boost Your Self Esteem Working as a Life and Career Coach, the issues raised most often by my clients are confidence and self esteem.  Self esteem is about valuing ourselves and it is a first step on the road to having the confidence to go out there into the world and contribute our gifts. Working each day with a set of affirmations really can help.  This set of affirmations from Louise Hay, used regularly, really could help you.   Find yourself a quiet spot - same place and same time each day - relax and let yourself listen. Just let go and believe.   You can find out more about Louis Hay here Wendy is the Happiness Coach and author of  The  Wolf Project  and a new novel,  Blood Brothers , to be published in Summer 2013.  As a life and career coach and blogger, she helps people reach their goals and aspirations. As a novelist she hopes to entertain. Oh and she writes poetry too! To find out more email  wendymason@wisewo