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Creating Emotional Balance - the Gap Between Insight and Change

How do we create emotional balance? Well, we all have the tools we need to cultivate emotional well-being.   But sometimes there is a gap between the insight we have into the need to change and actually making the change. In this video clinical psychologist, Bo Forbes, shares her research that yoga can help us narrow that gap. You can find out more at Wendy Mason is a career coach working mainly with professional women who want to make that jump to senior level while having a life outside work. Before working as a coach, Wendy had a long career in both the public and private sectors in general management and consultancy as well as spells in HR. She now divides her time between face to face coaching, and coaching and blogging on-line. You can contact Wendy at  and find out more at Email Wendy now at  for a  free half hour coaching session  by phone or Skype