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Fears Here is another post from contributor, Stephanie Carfrae. She is a Creative Writing Graduate; you can find her own blog at   and I think you will be inspired by Stephanie's  first video on YouTube    What’s stopping you from doing what you want to right now?  Well, for a lot of us, fear undermines what we want to do. Money and other things stopping us are not nearly as big as this fear of being wrong that we have developed. We have developed it as a species. Teachers’ mark in red pen with a cross next to everything that we get wrong as a child. So it’s inbred into us. A constant fear of being wrong, in the wrong place at the wrong time or having anything wrong with us. It’s no one’s fault we feel like this. But it’s time to stand up to this! What are we fearing? As Jack Canfield puts it: everyone has an ‘unfounded fear of rejection.’ And why? Because every failure we experience and have ever experienced is marked by someth

10 Ways Over-Thinking Destroys Your Happiness

10 Ways Over-Thinking Destroys Your Happiness  A post from Peggy Nolan, The Self-Care Queen and Chief Executive Stepmom at  The Stepmom's Toolbox ,  Have you ever been stuck over-thinking something that happened or something you think will happen only to get your knickers in a bunch? I know I have! This over-thinking thing keeps most of us stuck. It keeps us rooted in fear, uncertainty, and doubt. It's a major contributor to the FUD factor and a huge reason why most people can't find their happy. I don't know about you, but my over-thinking habit robbed me of my own happiness and joy. If I could put my finger on it, I'd say the trigger for breaking up with this soul-sucking, life-leeching habit over 10 years ago was when I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had headaches, IBS, and that God awful pit in my stomach that never seemed to go away. To make matters worse, I was in a toxic relationship (even though I didn't know i