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Something Healthy For Friday - Cabbage Rolls (Polish Gołąbki)

Something Healthy For Friday - Cabbage Rolls (Polish Gołąbki)  I love these. Jenny Jones shows her simple recipe for delicious and healthy Cabbage Rolls (Polish Gołąbki) stuffed with rice, ground sirloin, mushrooms, and tomato.  "I grew up helping my dad make gołąbki and they are easier to make than you think," says Jenny. "I hope my step-by-step video allows more people to enjoy this traditional Polish dinner." Link to printable recipe: For more of Jenny's healthy recipes, visit: Related articles Gołąbki recipe (Polish Stuffed Cabbage)

Basil - The Royal Herb

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Basil - The Royal Herb The name of the herb "basil" comes from the Greek word meaning "king" or "royal", reflecting how the herb was valued.   The French sometimes call basil " l'herbe royale " too.  In Italy, basil was symbolic of love and it was sometimes used as an aphrodisiac.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) The English botanist  Culpeper  cites one "Hilarius, a French physician" as affirming it as common knowledge that smelling basil too much would breed scorpions in the brain.  And  basil did represent hatred in ancient  Greece. But, t here are many much nicer rituals and beliefs associated with basil.   In  Portugal , a dwarf bush of basil is traditionally presented in a pot, together with a poem and a  pom-pom , to a sweetheart,   In Mediterranean countries, a pot of basil on the window sill denoted that an unmarried girl lived in the house.  Scientific studies  have suggested that com

Life really isn't too short to stuff a mushroom here is a recipe!

I am of the generation of women that grew up believing life really was too short to stuff a mushroom.  Here is a really cool little video showing that we were wrong. Chorizo stuffed mushrooms - the easiest stuffed mushrooms recipe ever. In under 5 minutes, watch as a lovely appetizer is prepared.