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Find inspiration in the world about you however dark the day! Do you have a sense of wonder?

Inspiration - Daffodils Every day, even when I am working at home, I make sure I get out of the house and go for a walk.  Today, I didn’t want to go – it is a dark, cold, grey kind of day and I wanted to stay inside in the warmth and comfort of my home. But I pushed myself and got out there.  Wasn’t I pleased that I had!  Even in suburban South London, there the signs of early spring and these are as bright as sunshine!  Inspiration - Primroses I found a small clump of primroses shyly smiling at the world.    In sheltered spots there were the first dafodils!  And there it was, my Mother’s  favourite,  forsythia; blooming away and determined to flash its colours to the dismal sky.  They made me feel inspired and so when I came back in, I decided to write this post! You see we all can find inspiration around us!  And it is not just in nature! Inpiration - Forsythia Are there books that you have always loved?   How often do you go back to them? Do you remember th