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Learning To Share

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Now I’m an only child. There lots of advantages to being the only one – lots of encouragement and love was focused on me. But there also disadvantages. One of the main ones for me was that I didn’t really learn fully how to share, with goodwill, until I was quite grown up. And that can present lots of issues in forming good and stable friendships and relationships Some small children share without being asked and without any further intervention from anyone else. But, learning to share can be hard for most children. And certainly it can be hard when you have no siblings. Young children tend to think about themselves and what they want or need for survival. Thinking about the needs of others is the beginning of learning to share. You can’t expect two- and three-year-old children to share. They are still working out how to meet their own needs. By age four, many children will share some of their things. By age six or seven, children begin to unders