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Lifting your mood

Lifting your mood Are you feeling low and a bit down? Perhaps too many blue days are around right now? Here's something to help. We've been through such a lot. Really bad things are happening out there in the world and we're reading, hearing and watching all kinds of horrible things. Lots of us are worried about money about our health and about the health and wellbeing of those we love. So how do we raise our spirits. And how do we try to keep them up there, so that we can get out there and do the things we want to do do? Well here is what I try do every day of the week.  Every morning I write what a lot of people call Morning Pages. I write about 500 words in my journal about positive things that I really like.  I try to write about small things that I might see in a day that bring me joy. Sometimes I write about people that I care for or like and why I value them. Sometimes it's hard not to whinge but the point is to stay positive. So long as it's positive it do