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Job Search for Nervous People Like Me

Image by Getty Images via @daylife If you are looking for work, one of the biggest obstacles can be your lack of confidence. A large part of confidence comes from what we believe about ourselves. And if you already lack confidence, losing a job can be shattering.  You can find a very honest discussion of how it can feel at this link . If, in your heart, you really don’t believe that you have the skills, knowledge and experience to do the job then it is going to be hard for you to convince an employer. But are you sure your fears are well founded? As well as that, you need to believe that you will have the communication and presentation skills necessary to get through an interview. Well, I can help you there.  So what do you do? Believing in your gifts At this link you will find some information about writing STAR stories. The STAR method means that for each signifcant achievement in your working life you set out the; ·          S  – Situation, the backg