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Be Open – Confidence and the Personal Development Mindset

  This post appeared first in the blog at my  WiseWolf Personal Development Coaching  Website   WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE OPEN? Personal development means being open, honest and transparent, not least with ourselves.  It means being able to accept our own weaknesses and when something has gone wrong having the strength to apologize and to explain.  Personal development means being open to new ideas - thoughts and opinions of others.  Sometimes you need the grace to agree to disagree. Being open is not without risk but then all personal growth is accompanied by some kind of challenge. BUT HOW DO YOU TAKE THAT FIRST STEP? Understand first of all that it may be a little uncomfortable and then try these tips Try to be relaxed when discussing new ideas, rather than having an immediate reaction. Start to challenge your own preconceptions – next time you find yourself about to express an opinion take a step back and spend a few minutes thinking through the opposite point of view