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Confidence - begin to build yours today!

Confidence - begin to build yours today! Dr.Sharon Melnick shares the secrets of her research at Harvard Medical School on how people behave when they lack self confidence and how they can begin to build confidence You can find out more about Dr Melnick at  and if you would like support from a coach to help you feel more confident please get in touch with me at the email address below. I am a trained Confidence Coach. Wendy is the The Career Coach - helping you to find fresh perspectives on your Job Search and Career. She helps you work towards your goals and aspirations, in a way that fits in with both work and home life. Email her at ,  find her on Skype at wendymason14, or call +44 (0) 2081239146 (02081239146 for UK callers) or +1 262 317 9016 if you are in the US. A free trial/consultation allows you to try phone coaching from the comfort of your own home and without risk. Don't forget to

6 Tips for Confident Networking

Are you one of those rare (and very lucky ) people who enjoys networking?   Or are you like many others?   Do you arrive at a networking event, look around at the sea of faces, then find yourself barraged by a stream of doubts and uncertainties. Negative self talk tells you that you’re a fraud, everyone else in the room is just great.  There they are experienced business professionals at home in this environment.  While you are just pretending, you don’t really know what you are doing! And on top of you’re going to forget your speech, you won’t remember anyone else’s name and there is a very good chance you will forget your own! The “sensible” part of you tells you not to be so silly.  But there you are with these negative thoughts and anxieties in your head.  Relax and take a deep breath, then tell your brain it has more important things to think about!  No, you are not going to have a heart attack as you take the floor.  You’ve got this unde