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Rainbows and the power of resilience.

The rainbow is a powerful metaphor for many things particularly of the power of resilience. It is a symbol of hope, promise, new beginnings, the journey of life, the search for happiness, and the power of resilience. When we see a rainbow, we can take heart and know that better days are ahead. There is a post om my WiseWolf Coaching blog and about rainbows and the power of resilience. Here is the Wendy Mason Smith  is a Life Coach, Career Coach, Writer and Mentor to some very special people. You can  contact her, book a  free coaching session, or find out more by phoning her at 44 (0) 7867681439 or following this  link . Wendy has written a little eBook on how to get on with your boss and a book on job search - you can find her books on Amazon at this  link