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What to do about jealousy!

A Japanese painting from 1750 shows a young man catching his lover reading a love letter from a rival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) What to do about jealousy! Jealousy happens between two people when one sees an actual or imagined threat to the relationship posed by someone else. Morbid jealousy – the worst kind - occurs when one partner becomes obsessed with thoughts about the other partner's unfaithfulness but their suspicions are not founded in real fact. Basically, one partner is terrified of losing the other.  Even a conversation the partner has with someone else can be seen as a threat.  One partner becomes desperate that they no longer have exclusive rights to their partner – they feel that their “property” rights are being infringed. Jealousy may be combined with other emotions, for example, anxiety about loss of a loved one and fear of shame or loss of dignity. Jealousy is often accompanied by anger. Often distrust of a partner comes from dist