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Work-Life Balance - Work Is Also Life

Work-Life Balance - Work Is Also Life Another perspective! Speaking at the Alumni meet of the INSIGHT 2012 Business Leadership Program, Sadhguru answers a question on work-life balance. Sadhguru reminds us that work and life are not different. Instead of "working" five days a week and "living" two days a week, it is better to live seven days a week he says. For more information on INSIGHT 2013, visit

Are you stressed-out by your poor work-life balance?

Are you stressed-out by your poor work-life balance? Y ou know you have a work-life balance problem when you Don’t have enough time for everything and spend what time you have handling scheduling conflicts, Feel stressed and overwhelmed by trying to balance your different roles. Research for Health Canada indicates four main factors lead to work-life balance problems and stress: Role overload: you don’t have enough time or energy to carry out all the activities required to perform all your roles properly and without discomfort. Work-to-family interference: work demands make it difficult to fulfill family-roles and to provide what family members need from you, for example; Long hours at work prevent you going to the school open-evening   You are so preoccupied with what is happening at work that you can’t enjoy or take part fully in family life, Pressure at work spills over at home and you get into arguments with your partner, your mother or the childr