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On writing poetry and perceiving the world

On writing poetry and perceiving the world I've written poetry for most of my life. I'm not sure whether it is any good. But clearly some people like some of my work. For me, though, whether the poems are good or not isn't the point. For me me they are a way of recording feelings and impressions of something I see, hear or feel. Describing how something was for me is something like adding another dimension to a photograph.  Every experience is unique Sharing is interesting because I think every experience we have is really unique to us. That is because we will bring to it our interpretation of an event. That interpretation will be flavoured by all that's gone before; all that we are, all we know and all that we are. Some of our responses will come from deep inside us. We won't know how they came to be. And in childhood particular ways of viewing things and judging them were passed on to us by our parents and others. We were encouraged to share a view of what was