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5 Secrets to Falling Asleep More Easily

  5 Secrets to Falling Asleep More Easily I found this great post by coach, Shana Montesol Johnson, and thought you would find it interesting. "What does getting a good night’s sleep have to do with career success?  You might be surprised.  The topic of sleep comes up frequently in my coaching sessions with international development professionals.  They tend to be hard-working, intelligent, successful people…who are exhausted.  They know they’re not at the top of their game when they don’t get enough sleep. My clients’ sleep is affected by late night conference calls with colleagues in different time zones, frequent international travel, and the sheer volume of work that their jobs entail.  Many of them try to maximize time with family and/or loved ones in the evenings, and then put in a few more hours of work.  They then fall into bed, exhausted, yet find it difficult to “shut down” their brains and fall asleep. If you’ve experienced the same problem, here