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How to stop crying in front of people!

crying emoticone (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) How to stop crying in front of people! Crying is a great way to release emotions when you are upset.  There are many people who feel better after a “good cry”.  And it is quite natural to cry when we have suffered a great loss, for example, on the death of someone close to us.   If you can’t stop crying or have repeated bouts of crying for no obvious reason, it is best to seek help from a doctor or a counselor because that may be a sign of depression. Even though crying is good for us, there is a time and place for it.  In general, it is best done alone or with very close friends or family. It is usually not a good idea to cry at work. Unfortunately, a lot of the old prejudices still hold sway and many managers find it really difficult to deal with people who burst into tears.  This is sad and it says something about the limitations of many managers!  But it is still a fact of life. So what to do when tears threaten at work?  We