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Time Management - how do your feel about your email in-box?

(Photo credit: Wikipedia ) “The aim of good time management is to achieve the lifestyle balance you want,” says Emma Donaldson-Feilder , a chartered occupational psychologist. How do feel about your time and the number of emails you receive? I would be very grateful if you would take part in my poll – you can find it at the top of the column on the right!  (Apologies to Kindle Readers – You will need to follow this link ) We can spend up to half our working day going through our email inbox. It can make us feel tired, frustrated and unproductive.  A study has found that one in three office workers suffer from e-mail stress. Apparently o ne in five people say 50 work-related e-mail messages per day is the magic number before  they feel swamped. The effect is even more pronounced for smartphone users -- 37% feel "overwhelmed" by 50 or more work e-mail.   So I’d like to know how the readers of this blog feel.   Mea