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Dealing With Prejudice And Social Anxiety - Something To Learn From

Dealing With Prejudice And Social Anxiety - Something To Learn From "The main feeling I experienced about social anxiety was it made me feel alone & like I was of no worth. Only people who have been through this feeling know how horrible and dreadful this feels." "..guess what? You are worth something and definitely don't deserve to feel alone in any situation your in. mwah Come and join us at this specific forum if you ever feel alone, need to relate to people or just need advice. I'm just a regular user but here we all have the same issues. Guys,I really recommend watching this video from another youtuber if you suffer from social anxiety. Your not alone! What better way to express issues I dealt with through an activity I enjoy? Drawing" Drawing References: Google Images Song: Eternal Hope(

Are you shy? Learn how to make friends in new situations.

Are you shy?  Learn how to make friends in new situations. Even if you are a shy person, you can make learn to make friends quickly in new situations . Remember, everyone is a little shy (some people are just better at hiding it!).  Here Marie Dubuque gives some simple and wise tips on how to start making friends and fitting in, whether you are in a new school, a different job, or any new situation. Try concentrate on the other person - find out about them and their interests.  You will be surprised how quickly people respond. Wendy Mason is a career coach.  She helps people reach their goals and aspirations, without sacrificing their home and personal life.  Before working as a coach, Wendy had a long career in both the public and private sectors in general management and consultancy as well as spells in HR.  She now divides her time between coaching and writing. You can contact Wendy at  and find out more at  http://wisewolfcoaching.

Public Speaking, Personal Confidence, and the ‘Shy Extrovert’

Today we have a special guest post.  To make it really useful to you, it includes some very personal experience so on this occasion I'm not going to publish the name of the writer.  But she has my very grateful thanks. Public Speaking, Personal Confidence, and the ‘Shy Extrovert’ Forget chicken soup for the soul, one of the best cures for lack of confidence and some forms of depression could in fact be public speaking. Usually the benefits of becoming a competent public speaker are seen as advancing your career prospects or building your reputation, if you are in business! In fact it is seen as being good for any cause you want to promote. Public speaking is a ‘skill’ but I would like to propose that it can also be a great ‘medicine.’ Just as exercise is recommended for increasing serotonin levels in the brain, getting your mind and body to perform under pressure can also give you a high! As for me, well, I found that beating one of my worst nightmares was actually

Don't be shy! Overcoming Shyness!

Image via Wikipedia As my grandfather once said, "The secret of life is learning to make a fool of yourself gracefully."  James Redfield  " The Celestine Vision" Shyness is sometimes known as social phobia or social anxiety disorder.  But whatever the name, lots of us know the feeling. Shy people may only fear one specific kind of situation - say speaking in public.  But others may be troubled by a whole range of different situations.  For example; Having to perform  stage Dealing with authority figures like doctors or headmasters Eating and drinking in public Writing an important and formal letter Meeting up with the opposite sex and dating Going to parties and other social events Shy people feel sure that other people are going to judge them and find them lacking in some way.  They think they will feel embarrassed or humiliated and that others expect them to behave perfectly.  Shy people expect and look for negat