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Feeling Stressed at Work - Four Steps to Better Work Boundaries

Setting boundaries at work can help to prevent you feeling stressed and exhausted.  It allows you to do better work instead of spreading yourself too thin.  Heather's article below advises you on how to go about saying no to the extra pressure! Four Steps to Better Work Boundaries by Heather Boerner, for Yahoo! HotJobs Want to advance your career? Saying “no” may be the key. “It’s wonderful to be the go-to person to a point — until you find you’re totally overwhelmed, exhausted, resentful and in a time crunch,” said Susan Newman, author of “The Book of No: 250 Ways to Say It — And Mean It and Stop People-Pleasing Forever.” “Setting workplace boundaries means you will be doing better work and not spreading yourself all over the lot.” Here’s how to get there: 1. Track your yeses. You can’t set a boundary you don’t know you have, so watch yourself for a week, Newman said. Where do you say “yes”? Do you agree to lunch with that coworker on the day of a major presentation? Do you