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Healthy Living:Get going every day

Healthy Living:Get going every day This post is from the  Change4Life   website Many of us aren't too keen on the idea of exercise. It might be that we’re too busy or we simply can’t face the thought of it. But most people are not getting the amount of activity they need to stay healthy. Only 1 in 20 people are actually doing the right kind of activity they need each week. And sitting down for hours – maybe at work, watching TV or playing computer games - can also increase the risk of poor health. Building activity into your day keeps your heart healthy, reduces your risk of serious illness and strengthens muscles and bones. It can also be a great way of reducing your stress levels and lifting your mood if you’re feeling down. That means: Adults needs to be active for at least 150 minutes each week Kids aged five to 16 need to be active for at least 60 minutes each day Kids under five need three hours of activity a day  Activities for adults For adults, it ca

Healthy Living: Healthy Fats Won’t Make You Fat

AV Number: AV-8812-3430 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Healthy Living:  Healthy Fats Won’t Make You Fat Today's post is from contributor - Natasha Gelder. Natasha is a full time Literature student based in Leeds who is juggling the quests for higher education, money and rock hard abs. She believes exercising is a vital part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle and should not be seen as a chore .  You can find her blog here There seems to be a lot of confusion over the food group ‘fats’, with most people assuming that all fats are bad for them. Many people seem to believe that eliminating all fat from their diet is the best way to lose weight quickly and effectively. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the case. Fats are actually an essential part of our everyday diet and are needed to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, however, only some fats are beneficial to us and should be eaten regularly; this is where the confusion regarding

Lower Your Blood Pressure With Isometric Exercises

Lower Your Blood Pressure With Isometric Exercises Recently researchers from the American Heart Association looked at ways to lower blood  pressure . They were surprised to find that doing a series of isometric hand-grip exercises lowered blood pressure by 10%! The exercises are very simple; just hold a stress ball (or any toy foam ball) in your hand and squeeze firmly for 10 seconds, breathing deeply and evenly. Rest and repeat five times. You can buy foam balls in toy shop but I rather like squeezy Stress Ball Paul from Amazon. And some find him very helpful in other ways; "He sits on my desk and inspires me not to let certain people get to me. He reminds me that I'm not that person who gives in anymore. I am stronger." Wendy is the The Career Coach - helping you to find fresh perspectives on your Job Search and Career. She helps you work towards your goals and aspirations, in a way that fits in with both work and home life. Email her at  wendymason@w