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The Value of Friendship

The Value of friendship I've been thinking about the value of friendship and how lucky I've been.   I've lived a long and quite complicated life. So I've met all kinds of people. And they have come from all kinds of places across the world. Some I have known quite briefly. Everyone you work with doesn't become a friend in life. That is even though you may enjoy working together for a while. Although I do have many friends that I met in the course of my work.  Friends for life I have friends as well that I made at the beginning of my life. I have two in particular that I've known from the age of four or five. One lived close to me at home. Our mothers were friends and so we played together as toddlers. We drifted apart for many years and then through the wonders of social media, and Facebook in particular, we found each other again.  The other friend I've known all my life, I met during my first year at school. I'd started school a few months ahead of her

Finding and Keeping Good Friends

Finding and Keeping Good Friends Wendy Mason  is a Career Coach and Life Coach helping you to solve difficult problems at work and at home. Finding and keeping good friends has two parts to it What draws us to people What seals the friendship What draws us to someone? We meet lots of people in life but for most us very few become frends. These seem to be the things that draw into becoming friend with people. Shared interests and values We usually need to find we have something in common with people in order to become friend. This is usually in terms of the kinds of things we enjoy doing and what we believe to be important in life. If I am very interested in sports and you are very interested in, say, looking at paintings, then we may struggle even  to start a conversation that holds our interest. Likewise, if we believe completely different thing about what is important. Of course, our tastes may change over time and after the friendship is formed. S